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Bliss Garden & Giftware offers a gorgeous array of gifts, jewellery, handbags, homewares, garden pots, wall decor, waterplants and so much more. Little visitors are also welcome to enjoy our delightful range of kids hats, toy, and make and do. And yes we do Giftvouchers! Visit our Canberra store or shop online today...


Browse the galleries below to see just some of the gorgeous homewares, pots, plants, kids toys and giftware we have in stock.

Water Plants
Bliss Garden & Giftware stocks a large range of water plants for your pond or water bowl. From hardy water lilies proven to survive Canberra winters to papyrus, grasses and oxygenating varieties.
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  • Iris Ensata Varieties 'Japanese Iris'
  • Acorus Gramineus Variegatus or 'Variegat
  • Hibiscus Coccinea or 'Water Hibiscus'
  • Canna Tropicanna
  • Bacopa Caroliniana 'Lemon Bacopa'
  • Acorus Gramineus Variegatus
  • Colocasia Esculenta 'Amazon Queen'
  • HydrocotyleVerticillata 'ShieldPennywort
  • Aponogeton Distachyos 'Water Hawthorn'
  • Azolla Rubra
  • Bacopa Caroliniana 'Lemon Bacopa'
  • Bacopa Monniera Or 'Hyssop'
  • Colocasia Esculenta 'Black Magic'
  • Cyperus Alternifolius 'Umbrella Grass'
  • Cyperus Papyrus 'Egyptian Papyrus'
  • Cyperus Prolifer Or 'Dwarf Papyrus'
  • Gratiola Peruviana 'Austral Brooklime'
  • Hydrocleys Nymphoides Or 'Water Poppy'
  • Iris Versicolor Or 'Gerald Darby'
  • Lepironia Articulate
  • Lythrum Salicaria 'Purple Loosestrife'
  • Marselia Mutica 'Nardoo'
  • Myriophyllum Variafolium
  • Restio Tetraphyllus 'Tassel Grass'
  • Typha Latifolia 'Cat Tail'
  • Hardy Water Lilies