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Bliss Garden & Giftware offers a gorgeous array of gifts, jewellery, handbags, homewares, garden pots, wall decor, waterplants and so much more. Little visitors are also welcome to enjoy our delightful range of kids hats, toy, and make and do. And yes we do Giftvouchers! Visit our Canberra store or shop online today...


Browse the galleries below to see just some of the gorgeous homewares, pots, plants, kids toys and giftware we have in stock.

Garden Pots & Decor
Bliss has pots for all tastes and styles - from large to small and in a range of colours to suit any garden, courtyard or balcony. We're also very proud of our beautiful range of water features, water bowls and garden furniture. Browse through for a taste of what we offer.

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  • Rustic Blue Water Bowls
  • Urn Fountains
  • Blue Daisy Urns
  • Shanghai Garden Pots Jade
  • Shanghai Garden Pots
  • Water bowls
  • Ribbed Entrance Square Pots in red
  • Lightweight Balcony Pots
  • Black Tropic Egg Pots
  • Beautiful Urns
  • Garden Pots
  • Impressive red Asian inspired pots