One effective styling tip I use when creating a space is the application of visual triangles. When you are arranging objects or furniture in a space, consider looking at the items head on and arranging them to create a triangle. This triangle can be shaped as a pyramid (symmetrical) or up on its side (A-symmetrical). Combining objects with a clear variation in size will create balance and proportion.

For example in a living room I would select a large floor lamp to add height, an armchair to one side along with a small table to complete the triangle. This same principle can be applied to smaller decorative items on shelves and artworks on walls. Just be mindful to select items that have a clear difference in size. If not, these objects when placed together will look flat and boxy. The principle of visual triangles applied correctly creates rooms with balance and interest. The objects in the room will feel connected and have harmony.

Check out these visual examples to get your styling juices flowing! Happy decorating!

~ Kylie