One of our favourites at Bliss are our DIY (plug in and go) water features. Available in several sizes and colours they are super easy to assemble and will suit a great range of gardens or courtyards.

Some regular customers of ours in Ainslie very kindly let us take some pics of their Kos Jar fountain which they purchased not long ago. It looks AMAZING! Placed against the stunning rendered wall it has complimented the existing wall fountain perfectly.

We have a great range of sizes, colours and styles in the nursery this spring so if this looks like the kind of garden you want then come and see us.

Here’s Iain’s tips for a quick and successful installation.

• Place base on flat surface.
• Sit Urn into the base.
• Slip hose onto pump – no clips or screws needed.
• Make sure the top of the Urn is level. Even when you get the base level the inside of the base may not be. Usually you can get the urn level by spinning it around in the base until you find level.
• Fill base with water. The urn itself doesn’t fill with water.
• Pump plugs into normal power plug.
• Sometimes the pump is a little over enthusiastic when first switched on. You may need to turn it down using the volume dial on the pump.